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Scream reboot has Arquettes?

CourtneyCox.jpgCourteney Cox Arquette and David Arquette are apparently in discussions for the new Scream trilogy due to arrive from the original writer of the series, Kevin Williamson.

It's a restart that we've heard lot's about from a fourth film in the series to a restart with a new trilogy, and even word of a handover to a completely new group of characters. Right now we're really not totally sure which way this is going to go, but the word is that the new Scream is a complete trilogy.

I don't really think it's a surprise that Courteney Cox Arquette and David Arquette are in talks for the new series, after all the money to entice them back and perhaps handover to a new crew would be really good, and Courtney could use the publicity to promote her other projects, after all she is the most successful out of all the ex-Friends crew, and who would have thought we'd be saying that?

The news comes from Hollywood Insider through Coming Soon and tells us little more than they are in talks for the project, and while this is rumour, Entertainment Weekly say that the Arquette's have been approached about appearing in the sequel and discussions are underway.

I think that if they persuade a majority of the cast to return then we could get Neve Campbell back too, however as I said before, why and how?

I honestly can't see them having another episode where another person is heading after Campbell's character and wanting to kill her, whether the reason be vengeance or just sick perverted humour, I just can't see it happening again can you?

There has to be something new, and the previous hints have been that there will be some form of handover, so get the cast back for one more, hand over to a new crew a la the trend in Hollywood, and cheaper Scream 5 and 6 which have the possibility of remaking the previous films and throwing in the usual budget and CGI increases.

I just don't understand it all and the trend for Hollywood to be eating itself so quickly, I'm just not so sure I want another Scream, new team or not. What about you? Can anyone think of a way that this could really work?



Thats not much of a suprise considering how their film careers are at the moment. They might just have a beginning cameo where they both get killed off like Lievs death at the beginning of Scream 3 or end up teaching the new kids how its done. I always liked the Gail Weathers character but Dewey really annoyed me. He always seemed to get fatally injured in each of the films but then survive to be in the next film.

The first film was great, I can still enjoy watching it now. It was smart and I loved how it parodied and referenced horror films amd was funny and scary all at the same time. The second one was ok but not on the same level but the third was awful. The third film was full of awful twists, having to resort the cast of the film trilogy about the murders being murdered (why??). It also started to look like a bad soap plot revealing her mothers hidden past and that it actually was the motivations of a third character who is the half brother Sidney didn't know she had (gasp!) which was pulling the strings of the murderers in the first film. It really gave me a lot of negative feelings as it felt like they had just made up all the stuff linked to the first film events because of they couldn't think of anything else.

The only good thing about the third film was that it seemed to resolve the Sidney storyline with her finding out about her mother and why she was being targeted from the beginning. She spent the films running away from possible threats and in hiding to at the end of the film feeling safe enough to leave the door open. I would be really disappointed if they bring back Sidneys character back as it really gave the impression that her story was finished and she was finally safe and happy.

The nightmare on elmstreet series actually killed off the lead character in the third film and the series continued with (7?) films with a couple different lead characters with increasingly silly storylines. I can see this happening with the Scream series, it may not work but it'll bring in money and it has the success of the first film to try and sell it to viewers. (just think Saw, Friday the 13th etc all good first films which just carried on generating sequels)

I've been back and forth on an opinion for this reboot and I think I've settled on leave it alone. We don't need to revisit the Scream franchise just like we don't need to continue to remake foreign horror movies. There are original scripts out there I wish some studio execs would take some time to shift through them and bring us some real horror. -sigh-

Great comment Michelle, and I read through it and find myself agreeing, there's nothing I can come back with, spot on.

I actually think Neve Campbell won't come back despite what everyone else does. She's enjoying quite an indie career and doing some very non-Hollywood roles and doing them well.

Unless she decides to do the film just to get the money in order to keep doing the indie films?


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