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Short Circuit remake gains Robot Chicken writer

JohnnyFive.jpgSo the Short Circuit remake/sequel/reboot/reimagining/buzzword-of-the-day-which-means-remake is still happening and the film has gained a writer, Dan Milano the writer behind the television show Robot Chicken.

Now I admit I've never seen Robot Chicken...scrap that I've just watched clips of the Star Wars episodes and I think I just wet myself, and not a little bit either, quite a lot.

So is this the direction that you would want Short Circuit to go? Well I think it'll work, he's definitely got the comedy down to a tee, so I'm not so concerned about that in the announcement, after all hearing the writer say that they want to bring a subversive edge to the original script sounds rather interesting.

Think about that for a moment, with Dan Milano on board we're not going to be watching an overly cute Disney-type film with great comedy in it, but we'll have a more realistic film with great comedy and a healthy dose of dark reality too. I like that idea.

No, I'm more confused about what the producer is saying is in store for the new Number 5.

"We're bringing Number 5 into the 21st Century and taking advantage of the improvements in robotics that are so massive that robots are now performing heart surgeries in hospitals"

Those are the words of David Foster through Variety, one of the original producers of Short Circuit and a producer on this remake.

So what is he saying? It's more precise and carries different tools? I don't get what that means for Johnny at all. Do you have any clue?

He does go on to say that the look of the robot isn't going to change, and says that Wall-E (Filmstalker review) did a great job of advertising the character since the two look so alike. Well that is true, however audiences are far likely to think that they are copying Wall-E these days.

I'm not so sure, remakes aren't a great idea unless there's a valid story based reason for them, and here it seems it's all for effects and updating the robot. However Milano could be doing something a little more real, a little darker but still with plenty of humour. I don't know, is it needed?



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