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Spider-Man 4 producer talks villain

Spiderman.jpgThere are a number of updates for the upcoming Sam Raimi directed Spider-Man 4, and details are light at the moment, indeed we haven't really been sure about some of the major casting, in other words Kirsten Dunst, until now.

There's also a little news addressing the rumours about Mary Jane and Peter and their relationship in the film, about that supposed Morbius the vampire villain rumour, and a clue as to who it really will be.

Todd Black is a producer on the Spider-Man 4 film and while he was being interviewed for The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3 he was kind enough to answer a few questions on Spider-Man 4, and also to raise a few more.

Here are the key points that the New York Post picked up on:

Kirsten Dunst is definitely signed up for the film. She will be playing Mary Jane once again.

However, the rumour that Mary Jane and Peter Parker will be getting together as man and wife is apparently rubbish, they won't be.

The big rumour though? That one about the villain that was borne out of Sam Raimi just winking at the screen as he said vampires are cool? Rubbish according to Todd Black. The villain will not be Morbius and they're working on who the villain will actually be.

In fact he was kind enough to drop them a big hint.

“We're just coming up with who the villain's going to be now. We'll be shooting in New York again. Trust me, people will appreciate who we pick, because it'll be a big part of New York.”

The article then goes on to try and work out who would be the villain, who is so New York-centric in the current bag of Spider-Man villains that would fit the bill?

Well their best guess is Kingpin, and that seems a good choice for me, someone that hasn't been seen much as a superhero villain much before and so is largely unexplored, but he's also an exceedingly interesting villain and a character who is very much based in reality.

Could we see Spider-Man versus Kingpin in the fourth film? Could well be. It seems so there's still work to be done on that front and we'll have to wait to see what happens.

Can you think of another Spider-Man villain that would be New York city-centric though?



Kingpin was in the Daredevil film. would they use him again? Would need to be in a "reboot" kind fashion

This is what you get in the "Marvel-verse" a lot of cross overs.

Good to hear that Dunst is signed up.

Now can we make this the last one, before the cash cow is milked dry?

They should make this one all about one villain, and that should be obvious from #3. I honestly would love to see either a whole movie with Venom, considering his powers of invisibility and the ability to disguise himself as other people had barely been explored in the 1st movie.

I loved the venom parts of 3 where we didn't see Topher Grace's face and cheesy grin.

If they used Kingpin, that would be great too. You know who else would be awesome? The Lizard. The lizard was Dr. Connor...his professor from the earlier movies.

They've also alluded to the character Bruce Campbell played being none other than Quentin Beck, AKA Mysterio. Mysterio would need serious reworking to make believably...but would make for an interesting film.\

believe it or not. there are plenty more weight worthy villains to use in more spidey films to come.

Scotty, I could see Kingpin being used again, just because he's been in the Daredevil film doesn't make him an exclusive, he's been seen in the Spider-Man comics too.

However it's an interesting point, would the film-makers want to use him after he's been tainted for a film only audience through Daredevil? Well he was portrayed not too badly in that film considering how bad some of the other characters were.

Richard, I personally think there's a lot more mileage in Spider-Man, tons more. He's like Batman and Superman, there are many, many stories that we could get before it dries up - however it needs the studio execs bent on budgets to step back and strong creatives to take over.

Mogulus, I think Mysterio would be tough for a film audience to take, a lot of work indeed. More Venom though would be superb. I really can see that working well and there's plenty more to be had from him.

the only thing i've got against seeing kingpin is that you couldn't really have an all out spidey type action sequence like with doc ock and venom or the goblin with him. he's not fast, can't swoop or any sort of locomotion.

they always could have him hire a bunch of folks to go after spidey and thus bring in versions of lesser loved villains like electro or the rhino, however.

i'll tell you what though. if they DO the kingpin, i actually hope they get Michael Clarke Duncan to play him like in Daredevil ( that was mcd, right? can't remember daredevil because i'm cool and all. )

Oh yeah, Michael Clarke Duncan played Kingpin I distinctly remember...ermm...I...oh the phone's ringing!

I don't know why it's so important for them to get Kirsten Dunst again, she's been terrible in these films and too long in the snaggle-tooth to play someone in her early 20s. Tobey was looking a bit chubby in suck-fest Spider-Man 3, hopefully he'll hit the gym this time around. Kingpin has already been used in Daredevil and would be a stupid (and uninteresting) choice for the villain. I thought Morbius would be a terrific foe. Once again Rami is making all the wrong decisions, insuring that his legacy will be that he made one good Spider-Man film (part 2, of course!).

I disagree about Kingpin being a stupid choice, he's been in the Spider-Man comics already.

I'm not a Spider-Man comic reader and I have to say that half the villains people keep talking about I have no idea who they are, including Morbius.

I think Venom is worth another try.

I think venom and the lizard would be the right pick. I think Venom deserves another shot as he didnt come into the movie until the very end. It would be neat to see the Lizard in action.


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