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Stalked: John Carter of Mars, Leonardo DiCaprio, Justin Theroux, James Franco

John Carter of Mars has two stars.

Todd McFarlane wants Leonardo DiCaprio.

Justin Theroux is to try his hand at directing.

And James Franco is to star in In Praise of Shadows.

John Carter of Mars has two cast members to it's name. Unfortunately they both starred in my least favourite film so far this year, Wolverine. Not to worry though, Taylor Kitsch and Lynn Collins now have roles in Andrew Stanton's film. Kitsch will play the lead role in the film, and Collins will play the Princess of Mars. Filming is due to begin in early next year. The news is from Variety.

Last year we heard that Todd McFarlane was working on a new Spawn film. Back then he still had a script to work on. But now he is talking about people he might like to star in his film. He told MTV that he has Leonardo DiCaprio in mind to play one of the people chasing Spawn. Guess we will have to wait and see on that one.

Justin Theroux has been an actor and writer, now he can add director to his CV. After starring in a few films, and writing Tropic Thunder and Iron Man 2, he is to direct Chief Ron. The film tells the true story of a man who claimed to be a descendant of a Native American chief. Chief Ronald A. Roberts tried to use his heritage to open a casino on tribal land. Eventually exposed as a fake, he never managed it. Should be interesting to see what Theroux does with the story. The news is from Variety.

James Franco has agreed to appear in the indie film In Praise of Shadows. Jay Anania is directing, and he teaches at NYU where Franco is apparently a student. In the film Franco will play a man who spends four years in exile while rescuing the women he loves from a crime syndicate. He then experiences a somewhat strange trip back home to New York. The news is from Jo Blo.



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