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Stalked: John Carter of Mars, Michael Cunningham, Akira

John Carter of Mars may have another cast member.

A Pulitzer Prize winner is turning his hand to horror films.

And the Akira remake looks to be going nowhere.

No sooner were the two main leads for John Carter of Mars announced, than another potential star is unearthed. Thomas Haden Church could be the next cast member, after he confirmed on TV that he is close to being involved. No word on what role he might be playing yet. The news comes from Coming Soon.

Michael Cunningham, the Pulitzer prize winning author of The Hours, is writing a screenplay for a slasher horror film. The film is called Beautiful Girl, and focuses on a student who returns for her final year at school having lost a lot weight. An English Lit teacher becomes obsessed with her, which leads to some bloodshed. Should be interesting to see what an author of his calibre comes up with. The news is from /Film.

The planned Akira remake looks to be over before it has properly started. Leonardo DiCaprio was to produce the film, with Ruairi Robinson directing. Their plan was to make a live action film of the anime. But Bloody Disgusting say that the project is pretty much going nowhere. Apparently Robinson has left the project, and to quote the source it is as "dead as a doornail." Who knows maybe someone else will come along and take over. But for now it looks like it is all stop.



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