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Stalked: Paul McCartney, Eliza Dushku, Reese Witherspoon, Danielle Panabaker

Paul McCartney's children's book is headed for cinemas.

Eliza Dushku has been talking about Valediction.

Reese Witherpoon is meddling with pharmaceuticals.

And Danielle Panabaker is joining Amber Heard in a psychiatric facility.

Paul McCartney has agreed to have his children's book into an animated film. High in the Clouds tells the story of a squirrel who tries to find a place called Animalia, a tropical animal sanctuary. No such luck though, he finds a world where animals are kept locked up in factories. The news is from Jo Blo.

Eliza Dushku has been talking about one of her upcoming projects, Valediction. She says it is about a young couple whose six year old daughter is in a coma. They find out however, that she is alert and living out life in her brain. The Dad then sets out to help his daughter. Dushku comes in as the woman who had an affair with the Dad some time before, and she resurfaces in his life. The news is from MTV.

Reese Witherspoon is getting mixed up with drugs. That is she is to produce and star in Pharm Girl, see what they did there. Witherspoon will play a woman who gets a job at a large pharmaceutical company. But once in she begins to see the shady side of the company as she progresses up the way. The news comes from The Hollywood Reporter.

Danielle Panabaker is to star with Amber Heard in a psychological horror thriller directed by John Carpenter. Heard plays a young woman who is admitted to a psychiatric hospital, and finds some strange patients. Including one that haunts the halls during the night. Panabaker will play one of Heard's fellow patients, who quite likes flirting with the orderlies. The news is from The Hollywood Reporter.



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