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Stalked: Pete Travis, Michelle Yeoh, The Testament, Go Mutants!

A modern take on Macbeth is happening.

Michelle Yeoh plans to work with John Woo.

Another John Grisham book is heading for cinemas.

And Go Mutants! Is too.

Pete Travis is to direct a modern take on Shakespeare's Macbeth. The film will be called Come Like Shadows, and Travis says that it will be a thriller "about personal and political corruption." Travis has previously directed Endgame and Vantage Point. The news is from The Hollywood Reporter.

Michelle Yeoh as told a group of reporters at the Shanghai International Film Festival, that she is to star in a film directed by John Woo. The Sword And The Martial Arts World. Woo is going to co-direct with Su Chao-pin. The news comes from Twitch.

Yet another John Grisham book is to receive the film adaptation treatment. Collider say The Testament is the next one up. I haven't read it myself, but it apparently pits the illegitimate daughter of a billionaire against his family, when she receives his inheritance.

Another book adaptation which is planned, is one which hasn't even been written yet. Larry Doyle's Go Mutants!, is set in high school where all the happenings from 1950s alien invasion films have come true. This has led to the children of mutants from those films being at school with human kids. The book should be finished this Summer. The news is from Variety.



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