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Stalked: The Karate Kid, Inception, Christine Jeffs, Stuart Beattie

The Karate Kid has a new writer.

Christopher Nolan's Inception won't be cheap.

Christine Jeffs is doing Wonderful Tonight.

And Stuart Beattie is making an Australian action film.

The Karate Kid remake has hit a slight snag. A new screenwriter has been hired to work on the script. That's the one where Jaden Smith's character moves to China with his Mum. Problem being he ends up on the wrong side of the school bully. Enter Jackie Chan who offers to teach him martial arts, and also the Chinese language. Will Smith is producing the film. Steven Conrad is the new writer charged with getting the story in shape. Good luck mate. The news comes from /Film.

There are some snippets of news on Christopher Nolan's Inception. The small film he would do post The Dark Knight, has turned into a somewhat bigger deal. The budget for Inception is rumoured to be around the $200 million mark. And they will apparently be filming in Calgary, amoung other places. Other than that and a few cast members, all we know is that it is "a contemporary sci-fi actioner set within the architecture of the mind." I quite like being in the dark for once. The news is from First Showing.net.

Christine Jeffs who directed Sunshine Cleaning, has another gig on the way. She will direct Wonderful Tonight. It will tell the story of a bachelor and a young woman who have a one night stand. It all becomes more serious though when she becomes pregnant, and they also find themselves falling for each other. Variety brings us the news.

Stuart Beattie wrote the screenplay for Pirates of the Caribbean. But now he is to try his hand at directing. He is taking on Tomorrow, When the War Began. It is the first in seven books, which tells the story of a group of Australian teenagers fighting off foreign invaders to their country. The news is from First Showing.net.



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