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Star Trek deleted scenes revealed

StarTrek_Poster.jpgThe original script for J.J. Abrams' Star Trek (Filmstalker review) has been read and there are are some major reveals in the sections that weren't filmed. One thing appears to be that there's a lot more development of characters and plot, particularly development of the bad guy, Nero, and that was the biggest area I felt the film was failing on.

There are more, but you have to be aware that these are some big spoilers if you haven't seen the film, and if you have, they're disappointing as they could have made the film a lot better, well some of them at least.

There are some interesting points to note, there's the final scene with Captain Kirk appearing to the young Spock via a hologram that Spock prime gives him, something we've heard about before but is most definitely confirmed here.

While I think that the scene does slow down the pacing, it's a moment that would have delighted the old fans and perhaps linked the new fans back to some of the original films a little more. I'm thinking cross marketing for the studio and a serious nod to the original fans, that seems a win-win situation to me.

Still, it was left out, like many of these moments which I feel were actually strong moments.

There are plenty of other character development moments which you can read about over on TNMC through JoBlo, but the major one is the one that would have made the most difference to the original film, the character development of Nero, the man after Spock and Kirk.

The biggest issue I had with the film is that there was little character development other than during action sequences, between breaths, seemingly crammed in amongst the bits intended to keep the action orientated interested, and that hurt the film. The original Star Trek films had a lot more of these quieter moments to pause and reflect on the story and to help build the characters, especially the bad guys, so that we remember them so well.

However this new Star Trek (Filmstalker review) did little of that. In fact the character of Nero was really badly developed and ended up having a half minute explanation as he tortured a key character, again, developed during something else happening. He wasn't much of a bad guy in terms of the ones we've seen in Star Trek history despite his deeds showing otherwise.

However the original script has a huge sub plot with the Klingons from the opening scenes, building on his strength and determination and just how far he was willing to go to destroy both Kirk and Spock, and it was indeed very far.

It seems that the Klingons captured him and his ship during the opening scenes and took him prisoner for that long period of ten years, interrogating him and his crew by all means, and yet all of them remained silent to protect their mission, knowing that in ten years time Spock prime would appear.

That shows a lot of character and amongst that we saw why he was doing it, in more detail than a rushed spoken explanation and a static hologram.

While TMNC think that the ending of this wasn't so plausible and would have harmed the film, I disagree. It is the key part of the film that was missing for me, the development of the character of Nero, of someone really that driven and determined to destroy so much and over such a long period of time.

Another section near the end of the film reveals Nero to be as cold hearted towards his own crew when his second in command questions his actions to destroy Earth, and he continues on his course and kills him in order to set an example and move forward with his plan for complete revenge.

All of this would have made for a much better bad guy and a much better film, but the problem was they had so many action sequences to get into the film and they didn't want to slow it down with character development and plot.

What do you think? Would any of this have made Star Trek (Filmstalker review) a better film for you?



Nope, wouldn't have made it any better for me. The "had a lot more of these quieter moments to pause and reflect on the story and to help build the characters" are the boring bits in a long list of boring Trek movies for me.

The film I saw was entertaining, engaging and well worth seeing a few times. It didn't try to be a drama it was a sci-fi action movie. The characters we cared about were the good guys, not the bad guys.

And lastly I'm glad there was no old Kirk. In fact, Old Spock was the bit I was least keen on in the entire film but it wasn't too bad overall. Old Kirk would have ruined it for me.

The original Trek movies and the Next Gen ones were horribly cheesy, mostly boring and completely over-acted.

Let them go.

Ah well, each to their own. I much prefer characters with depth, baddies with some real bite to them, and stories with strong dramatic aspect to them.

What I felt we got was a shiny action/adventure with Star Trek uniforms, or Mission: Impossible in space. Not so bad for entertainment, but missing some of the key elements of what Star Trek was.

It interests me the upset there is about remakes and classics being altered for dumbed down, modern films, and yet when it comes to Star Trek there are calls to modernise it and let what makes that classic go.

I have to agree with you Richard. I don't really remember Nero or anything about him, apart from his green looking skin, him sitting down in a thinking position and him shouting some orders. It's a real shame that they didn't film those character developments mentioned above. I don't think it would of taken away any enjoyment to the film, only add to it. What's a few minuets more story to anyone?

I didn't have any issue with Nero being underplayed or undeveloped. I can see your point and all, but for me he worked just fine.

...having said that, i would have really enjoyed any stretch of screentime that would've been given to him because I didn't want this movie to end at all.

The only problem i've got with the extended scenes is that if they were captured right at the beginning, he wouldn't have seemed like such a bad ass villain. I love the way him, his ship and crew were portrayed as an unstoppable force until the enterprise showed up.

Is there any chance any of these extended scenes were actually filmed or storyboarded and if we'll see it on the dvd?

I don't know, I could see the capture working for the villain, especially as the way it seems it would be played is that he accepted the capture and torture as some kind of twisted penance, waiting out his time until Spock arrived.

As far as I can tell none of this was filmed and all these sections were abandoned for the last action packed draft, so I doubt we'll see much on the DVD.


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