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Trailer for new Michael Moore documentary

MichaelMoore.jpgA teaser trailer for Michael Moore's next documentary is now online. This time it is the collapse of the global economy that has his interest.

Quite a strange teaser trailer though, it looks like we are in for more of Moore's humour. The teaser trailer is inside.

Having tackled subjects ranging from gun laws, 9/11 and health care, Michael Moore's next film looks at the current economic crisis. That includes the collapse or bail out of the US banks affected, and all of it during the arrival of a new US President.

No title for this one yet. But the teaser trailer is below. I've kind of grown a little bit tired of Moore, probably the last film of his that I watched was Fahrenheit 9/11.

The audio on our copy is out for the moment, here's a backup:



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