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Teen Wolf remake moves forward

TeenWolf.jpgWe heard back in March of 2007 that Teen Wolf was going to be remade, and back then the wild haired rumour was that Tom Welling was being looked at for the role, a rumour which I thought was far too wild.

Well the rumour is back, not of Welling, but of the Teen Wolf remake, although it's early stages at the moment and they are apparently looking for writers.

The early rumour has the Teen Wolf film in early development, very early development, and according to Moviehole through JoBlo, writers are being sought to reinterpret the story and see what can be made of it.

Of course that doesn't mean we'll see the film remade, nor that it'll be any good, but it's certainly started down that road anyway.

Teen Wolf tells the story of just that, a young Michael J. Fox played a teenager who found that he had become a werewolf, and that using his powers gives him more skill on the courts and more popularity with the other students, especially the ladies. However he has a big moral message to learn, so things aren't perfect.

It's a fun film and a fun story, nothing Earth shattering though. I just can't find the excitement for this project, can you? Is there any way you think that they could change the story to make it better, more relevant, and more fun?



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