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Updated: Terminator: Salvation actor in Conan?

RolandKickinger.jpgThe man who played a Terminator in Terminator: Salvation (Filmstalker review) looks set to play another Arnold Schwarzenegger role, I say that because he was the man who played the body of Arnold as the Terminator T-800/T-101 before they placed the CGI face of the younger man himself over the top.

Not only that but he also played Schwarzenegger in a film called See Arnold Run, something I wrote about a long time ago and was just talking to someone at the Edinburgh International Film Festival saying that this could be the man to play Conan. Well he may well be.

Roland Kickinger is an Austrian body builder who has already played Arnold Schwarzenegger himself in the film See Arnold Run which chronicles the build up in his life to becoming a politician.

Now it seems the studios behind the re-Hollywood of Conan are talking with the man to see if he would take up the sword of Conan.

Frankly he'd be mad not to. Look what it did for Arnie, and if the new Conan doesn't have the success that Conan did (and let's face it, it probably won't considering how well Hollywood are good at re-churning material) it'll still propel him onto bigger and better things.

If the rumour from The Hollywood Reporter's blog through JoBlo comes true, I personally don't think that it's bad news. The guy has more than a passing resemblance to Arnie, and he's huge like Conan should be. I think it would work.

This raises another question. Doubled for him in Terminator: Salvation, playing his Conan character in the re-Hollywood-isation of the original, could he join Predators and play Dutch, the character that Schwarzenegger once did?

I hope it doesn't go that far. Either Arnie is back as Dutch or there's no Dutch character in the new Predators film, it's that clear for me, but then I am a huge Predator fan.

Update: While The Hollywood Reporter is saying this is true, Latino Review, through JoBlo, has sources that say it isn't, not at all – that's the polite non swear word version.

I think it would be great to cast this guy. There's a big of a homage to the original, and he's a bloody huge bloke with experience of acting. What's wrong with that?



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