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Terminator Salvation, talking Terminators?

TerminatorSalvation.jpgThere are two scenes from Terminator Salvation online, and they look pretty good, apart from one thing that has me wondering. Are those Hydro-Terminators making little squeeking and clicking sounds?

I'm desperate to see the film but yesterday, and a bit today, I'm not feeling well and so I've missed out on the first night there. Hopefully I'll make it at the weekend and review it so we can all start having a good discussion about it. In the meantime, here are those two clips.

One is of the first appearance of the T-800's as John Connor is busy saving Kyle Reese from the factory where they are harvesting the humans to make the skin for these new robots. However it seems that they aren't all deactivated.

I really like this scene through Filmtrailer.com, and the dynamics and movement of the Terminator, this feels like a Terminator scene and there's no airs and graces about the way it's doing it's job, unlike the next scene.

This one is of the helicopter crashing into water and John Connor and crew fighting off hydro-bots as they leap into the helicopter. I think it looks pretty good and I love the mix of practical effects, it really does work well, but the sounds from the robots? I'm not sure if there's a need to make them have sound, it's like in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines when the new Terminator looks to the camera and says what it's thinking – there's no need, it has all this fancy heads up display internally.

Here it feels a little like there's a need to try and humanise, or rather creature-ise them, making them seem more organic. Have a look for yourself for this clip from Filmtrailer.com.

What do you think? Perhaps you've seen the film already and this isn't really an issue, maybe there are other things to worry about, or maybe as hoped, McG has done a brilliant job with Terminator Salvation?



I went and saw Terminator Salvation this evening and I havent had that much fun at the movies in ages. Fantastic film with lots of full on action. Cant say I noticed the terminators making lots of noises and there were more than a few HUD shots to show what they were doing in scenes.

What bit in Terminator 3 are you referring to Richard? I can't recall. Like you I plan to go and see Salvation over the weekend. Haven't had the chance so far (sadly), although I did go and see T1 & T2 back-to-back at my local Odeon earlier in the week, which was fun to say the least.

Thanks Firebug, that's the first positive piece I've heard from the film other than negativity and middle of the road comments.

Billy, there's a moment when the female Terminator is on her own, think it's in the Vet's office. She bends down, rubs her finger into some blood, lifts it, looks at it, and licks it a little sexually, and then speaks to the camera confirming that it's John Connor's blood. Terrible.


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