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The Expendables: Lundgren talks and Murphy walks

TheExpendables.jpgIf there were a ranking of anticipation factor for films, I think The Expendables is sitting pretty high up, alongside the big summer blockbuster names for sure, and not because it's a big blockbuster, but because of the cast it's bringing together.

Dolph Lundgren is one of the cast members Sylvester Stallone has brought together, and he's been talking about the film and is involvement, and at the same time news has arrived that both Brittany Murphy and Liam Hemsworth have been written out of the story.

Brittany Murphy was to play the girlfriend of the mercenary called Tool, played by Mickey Rourke, but after a rewrite her character was written out of the script along with Liam Hemsworth.

Nothing too exciting there about the news from the production through The Expendables almost official blog and Digital Spy (who, as always, don't publish a link to the source article, but I dug it out), after all rewrites and character changes happen all the time, I just thought you'd be interested to know that Sylvester Stallone has decided to drop this character and the side plot from the film, which means more of the guys and more of the action.

Elsewhere, Dolph Lundgren has been talking to JoBlo about his role in The Expendables and how the film is looking, and he's exceedingly positive, but not in a marketing, over selling kind of way, but in a very real, having fun kind of way. Here's what he said about the start-up of the film and it seems that he didn't have a single second thought about his involvement.

"Stallone wanted to do a kind of DIRTY DOZEN type of picture with a bunch of action guys. So he came up with the idea about this group of mercenaries, they all have problems of various sorts. And Stallone is the leader who put it together…he started hiring a lot of famous people and I'm pleased to be a part of it."

Then he goes on to talk about the story and the script and the strengths of the film, and I mean aside from the obvious one about pulling together such a great cast for The Expendables.

"You know what I like about it is there was a real feeling of real people and its not superheroes and there is nobody flying though buildings. Nobody is out to save the world. You know, its quite down to earth. Just some guys hanging out, trying to help some people out and they all have their problems. You know, there is substance abuse, you know, other things with their families and I think that its fresh…

…I think THE EXPENDABLES is one of his better scripts. Its funny and its touching and its going to be cool. Thats what I think people are going to like about it, that its about real people…

…theres a reality thing going there which is old school. The way it used to be. With Charles Bronson, when I was a kid he could kick my ass any day, for real, you know."

Now that description really does get to me, you know the reality and the reference to Charles Bronson, it's all sounding like it could be as old school as the cast and as exciting and full on as a modern day Bronson film. Doesn't that have you hooked?

I really am excited about seeing this film, and I really can't believe anyone else wouldn't be. Should I be having any reservations about it?



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