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The Final Destination 3D trailer online

FinalDestination.jpgThe trailer is online for, hopefully, The Final Destination, the last of the Final Destination series and in glorious 3D. Well when I say glorious, I really don't mean that at all. I mean cheap gimmick in order to throw things towards the audience and make them jump because that's the best part of the film.

So Final Destination 4, as the U.S. working title has it, will be doing something brand new and exciting with the formula. A group of teenagers escape death and death hunts them down one by one trying to get them back.

Oh dear, I think I've just destroyed the whole film for me, if not the franchise. Oh don't get me wrong, the idea was original and the first film good, but after that all we had to look forward to were the big set pieces and the shocks of the kills.

So here we are with the last one and they've just made sure that the set pieces result in every feasible piece of debris flying right towards the camera. Sorry fans of the franchise, but this is poor, and it's hard to see any other franchise that just continues to exploit the same idea time and time again without any real change.

Oh wait a minute, it's got 3D.

Here's The Final Destination trailer. I hope we both make it out alive.



I feel your pain Richard, these films just keep getting worse and worse!

Since you've been mentioning trailers revealing absolutely the whole story i've been seeing it more and more. You can pretty much see everyones death moment in the trailer. Final Destination is a film where the deaths are shocking and scary because they are so random and unexpected but now we know where and how they occur so we'll just be waiting for it to happen. I.e the girl in the car wash, guy in the swimming pool, tyre lady

They really need to stop with the sequels, the first film was great.

I'm glad it's not just me thinking this, they are revealing more and more aren't they? The art of the subtle and intriguing trailer has gone.

You're right, I always remember the great moment where the girl stepped out into the street and we were given a huge surprise. I loved that, and it wasn't revealed in any trailer or clip.

What it seems now is that we're seeing set-ups where the writers are seeing how layered, complex, and twisted they can make the deaths.

Plus, they're just following the same formula film to film. I'm glad it's finished. They've wrung it to death.

haven't seen 3, but FD and FD2 were awesome fun. even though if there's a sequel it's not "final" anymore. kinda like "final" fantasy 13: the video game.

seriously, i still have yet to see a single film in 3d. so i can't really complain about it. i like the idea. i figure you could get scared easier with a 3d film.

after i buy "my bloody valentine 3d" and watch it on the flatscreen, i'll get back to you. but as far as final destination goes, since i had so much fun with the first 2, i say why not.

my opinion though...most of my fellow countrymen aren't cultured enough to get the play on words by adding the simple "the" to the title and making it mean something "more final" than the first. I like it...it's actually clever and signals a literal end. but most people will think it's a remake or re release of number one.

bad taste, btw to poke at the tragedy that occurred in my hometown speedway ( lowes motor speedway ) circa 1996-98 can't remember ) for the violent setup,. i was working at a gas station when it happened and got lots of witnesses coming through telling how bad it was. An entire section of concrete step seating collapsed, killing a few folks.

have a great day!


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