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The real Exorcist story gets adapted

TheRealStoryBehindTheExorcist.jpgApparently the real story behind the Exorcist is going to be made into a film. For those of you who don't know, William Peter Blatty wrote the story of The Exorcist after reading newspaper articles about a real case of supposed possession and based many of the scenes of the film on the actual events in the real life case. Difference was this was the case of a boy, not a girl.

Now it looks like we might get to see a film adapted from the actual case, via a book called The Real Story Behind The Exorcist by Mark Opsasnick (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com).

Although the book actually looks into several cases of paranormal and alien alleged true-life stories in Washington D.C., there is a fair amount devoted to the case of the haunted boy, the story that gave birth to The Exorcist.

There's not really much information on the story contained in the book and how it tells it, and some reports say it's terrifying while some say that it shows it was just a problematic child with a very clever and over active imagination.

However we do know that the story will follow a reporter who is trying to track down the person behind the real story that inspired The Exorcist. During the hunt various people claiming to be witnesses retell the events as they saw them, and the reporter uncovers something more than just the simple headline grabbing stories of the time.

Bloody Disgusting have the scoop about the story, and I have to agree with their MrDisgusting, thank the universe for Vertigo Entertainment not following the rest of Hollywood on this one and being tempted to remake The Exorcist – mind you there will be a time soon where you can see that happening, some executive will be sitting there thinking about how modern effects could really bolster the film and before we know it...

However that's not now, and thankfully we're going to hear what sounds like a terribly interesting story in itself, one that has become modern folklore and legend through the story told in the film The Exorcist and Blatty's book.



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