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The Steam Experiment trailer online

ValKilmer.jpgThe Steam Experiment is a bizarre concept that seems to be very silly, and that silliness is carried through into the trailer.

Despite having Val Kilmer, Armand Assante and Eric Roberts, this film just screams daftness from the opening idea, and the trailer doesn't do it any favours whatsoever.

The story of The Steam Experiment follows a scientist, a pretty mad one at that, who locks six people in a steam room and threatens to let them die there as the temperature rises unless the local paper publishes his theories about global warming.

Nice, make the person talking about global warming be a complete mad scientist willing to kill people for his own theories. Nice, perhaps he also believes in evolution and is an extremist and terrorist?

Sorry, but this sounds awful and it's further proof that poor Val Kilmer is really struggling with his career.




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