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Thirst red band trailer online

Thirst.jpgThere's a new trailer online for Thirst (Bakjwi), the vampire love story from Chan-wook Park which stars Kang-ho Song who has starred in Memories of Murder (Salinui chueok), Sympathy for Lady Vengeance (Chinjeolhan geumjassi) (Filmstalker review) and The Host (Gwoemul) (Filmstalker review).

The trailer already looked good, and the concept great, especially considering who was behind it, but now this red band trailer looks spectacular.

Thirst (Bakjwi) follows a priest who decides to give up his life to help medical research find a cure for a terrible disease. However during a complete blood transfusion he dies and the experiment is a failure. That is until he comes back to life, although not life as he once knew it, but as a vampire.

When he returns he struggles with his faith and what the experiment has made him become and the desperate acts it makes him do, and it's then that he finds love.

This new red band trailer is visually superb and tells much more of the story, I'd recommend watching it and if you can, head to the IGN version and download it to watch in Quicktime so that you can go slowly through the fast cut sequences, there's some amazing stuff in there, but be warned, it's red band for a reason.



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