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Two more pass on Moneyball

BradPitt.jpgMoneyball, starring Brad Pitt, was scrapped by Sony the other day. Leaving the film stalled, days before filming was due to start.

Now another two studios have passed on the project as well, has Moneyball struck out already?

It emerged on Monday, that despite the fact filming was due to start on Moneyball that day, the plug had been pulled by Sony on Friday. Word was that a rewrite to the script by Steven Soderbergh, had changed the film too much. And Sony weren't willing to stump up the cash.

That left Soderbergh, Brad Pitt and a whole bunch of other people stuck. They were allowed to take the film to other studios for a short while, to see if they were interested. But news comes today, through /Film, that both Paramount and Warner Bros. have both passed. They were apparently put off by the large budget, and the fact that it was about baseball statistics. Not much overseas appeal it would seem.

So it doesn't look good for Moneyball. Either a studio needs to come forward who wants to make it, or Steven Soderbergh may have to change his vision for the film. Other than that it's either a new director, or the film will be going nowhere.

Do you think there is wide enough interest, in a film about computerised baseball statistics? I have to say, even with Brad Pitt involved, I don't think I'd be rushing to see it. What about you?



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