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Unstoppable stopping?

DenzelWashington.jpgThe next Tony Scott film called Unstoppable, about a runaway train and starring Denzel Washington in the lead once again, is hitting problems it seems, and surprisingly it's over budget.

I say surprisingly as Tony Scott directing a film led by Denzel Washington would usually raise excitement galore and would undoubtedly hit that target audience that Hollywood is so keen to hit as well as tick their boxes of "big", "explosion" and "action".

However the studio may not be that keen.

The news today is that there are disagreements over the budget, where the studio are concerned about the cost of the physical production of the action film and The Hollywood Reporter is suggesting that this could lead to a suspension of the pre-production.

That wasn't what Tony Scott and Denzel Washington thought when they've been talking about Unstoppable over the past few weeks, in fact they've been more than positive saying that the film is moving forward.

However there's something more surprising that comes out of the story, not that the studio are concerned over the budget costs, but that the deals aren't signed, and I don't just mean the deal for Chris Pine to co-star, but the deals for Washington to lead and Scott to direct.

For me these pieces of news put the project in even more doubt. If there's a whiff of budget issues from the film then I could see Scott washing his hands of it and going onto another project, it's not as though he's short of the work.

With the recent Tony Scott-Denzel Washington collaboration The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3 not doing so well as expected by the studio accountants, this new film might be the one to take the hit for it, especially since it has so many similarities.

Still, I do find it very surprising that a Tony Scott directed film with a cast that could be star studded is looking at being halted. Mind you, if the talent behind and in front of the camera aren't signed either, I don't expect we'll see much movement on this, even with the "inspired by a true story" tag from the Mark Bomback script, he's the writer of Die Hard 4.0 (Filmstalker review) by the way.



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