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Wall Street 2 casting and plot revealed

GordonGekko.jpgWall Street 2 has secured the remaining two key players for the film, and with that the full plot has been revealed.

Not only is Michael Douglas returning for the lead in the Oliver Stone directed sequel, but Javier Bardem and Shia LaBeouf have joined the cast of the film, and it sounds like it's going to be much bigger than the sequel we first thought.

Javier Bardem is set to play the bad guy of the film with Shia LaBeouf playing the young Wall Street trader who wants to make a name for himself.

Deadline Hollywood Daily through Coming Soon has the full plot details of who wants what and why, but before we get to that you have to be surprised at that line-up, or perhaps it was a big enough sign to see Michael Douglas return to reprise his role of Gordon Gekko and Oliver Stone taking up the role of director once again, you have to believe that this was going to be a big production.

The plot goes like this, LaBeouf's Wall Street trader is engaged to Gekko's daughter. When Gekko is released from prison some twenty-one years after the original film, he's trying to warn Wall Street that there's a huge crash coming and at the same time reconcile with his daughter.

The young trader has found that his mentor has committed suicide and he believes that a hedge fund manager is to blame, and that's the role that Bardem is playing. However LaBeouf's character realises that he can't take down Bardem's much bigger character, and so he turns to the legend that was Gekko, and in return for getting him back with his daughter he gains his expertise to get back at Bardem's fund manager.

Apparently Gekko isn't finished with his old tricks.

Sounds good, and the idea is to place the story through the current financial times and the bailout that Wall Street has just gone through. You know, this might just work, and with the original crew behind it perhaps we're going to see something in Wall Street 2 (aka Money Never Sleeps) to rival Wall Street the original?



Please don't screw it up, I loved the original. I think at one point a lot of youngsters aspired to be as ruthless as Gordon Gecko. :)

Definitely, it was iconic at its time, and there was a feeling of just how cool Gecko was, even with the mess and pain he caused.


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