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Watchmen Director's Cut cinema release dates

ZackSnyder.jpgWatchmen: Director's cut was set for a cinema release a while back, which I would have happily gone along to and watched.

But after the news that the number of cinemas was being reduced, they have announced exactly where the Director's Cut will be seen. Looks like a lot of us will be waiting for the Blu-ray DVD.

Zack Snyder had planned on releasing Watchmen: Director's Cut, on a large scale. But perhaps due to the amount of money Watchmen (Filmstalker review) made, there were rumours that it was to be scaled down. Now we know where it will be appearing.

Zack Snyder, on Collider, said that the film will be appearing in one theatre, for one weekend:

the weekend before Comic-Con in Los Angeles, Dallas, Minneapolis, and New York.

So if you live in one of these cities, you at least have a chance of seeing it in the cinema. We believe the extra footage revolves around the first Nite Owl, Hollis Mason. And no doubt there will be lots of other new stuff in there too. I suppose the fact that the Directors Cut is being released in cinemas this soon, is something in itself.

I reckon I'll be hiring it on Blu-ray, and then buying the ultimate DVD, with The Black Freighter included. What about you?



I think i'll hiring first too as I still haven't seen it. What is on the ultimate DVD and whats is the Black Freighter?

Hi Michelle.

The Black Freighter is a comic book within the Watchmen book. One of the characters is seen reading it at various stages, over which you get the whole story. It was considered too long to have it interspersed throughout the film, so they made it separately with Gerard Butler voicing it. And then released it on DVD.

The ultimate edition of the Watchmen DVD, should hopefully have the ability to watch the directors cut, with The Tales of the Black Freighter cut into is as well. Not sure if that's confirmed yet though.

The Black Freighter is also an animated film, it's not live action.

The intercut version was talked about way back when it was revealed what the release schedule would be for the film. I'm hoping they still stick to it as I'm not buying multiple versions, I just want that one.

Thanks for the info! That does sound like a better one to get, it looks like they are going to be releasing quite a few different versions of the film. At least they are letting people know now rather than waiting until everyone already has the first release before mentioning an even better, longer version.

Are directors cuts always better than the original releases do you think? The directors cut of Donnie Darko for example gave us more information (which made it slightly more confusing) but i don't think that I would recommend somone who hasn't seen it to buy that version rather than the original.

I think you've knocked onto a feature there Michelle, well done!

I personally believe they are better in the way that it's the director's vision, the way he or she wanted the film to look like in the first place, however that doesn't actually mean the film is better.

I have the director's cut of Darko but never watched it yet.

Don't forget that the UK release is only the theatrical release, so if you did want to buy the Directors Cut you would have to import it from the US.

The UK aren't seeing the Director's Cut DVD/Blu-ray?

No directors cut for the U.K? Yet again we are being treated like mugs, do they think that by delaying the directors cut some will buy both? If this is the case it really wouldn't surprise me. Why is it that customers in the U.K. are almost always worse off than other countries, are we just that stupid?


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