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Whiteout trailer online

Whiteout.jpgA trailer has arrived online for Whiteout, I should say finally arrive because we've been hearing about this film for such a long time it's crazy. However it's here and Kate Beckinsale isn't seen too much in it despite being the lead, for the main part it's all about the conditions when there's a six month darkness.

It does look an interesting trailer, but there are a few moments I was popped out by an odd line that didn't feel right. I'm wondering how well this trailer has been put together and if it is the officially released one. I'm hoping not.

The story sees a murder take place in Antarctica and a U.S. Marshall, played by Kate Beckinsale, is sent to investigate the crime, just as the six months of darkness is about to set. As the investigation grows she discovers that she's on the trail of a serial killer, and the time and the conditions are against her.

This film has been on the go for a very long time but it's never received a release. Now we're expecting a September through December release throughout some major countries, starting with the U.S., but interestingly no UK.

Whiteout has an interesting cast list, but leading up is Kate Beckinsale, and that's been the major pull since day one, her and the fact that it comes from an award winning graphic novel. Can that translate to the big screen?

I'm not sure with this trailer, it's not really giving me too many positives. The trailer arrives through Get the Big Picture and is right here.



Hmmm, did remind me of 30 Day of Night, which I really enjoyed. Can't say the trailer interested me.


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