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Who's directing Ghostbusters III?

Ghostbusters.jpgThere's been a bit of a question mark about who is going to direct Ghostbusters III, we've heard that Ivan Reitman is too busy with his production work, and that's come from Dan Aykroyd himself, and that has meant they're looking to Harold Ramis as a second choice.

However the word is that Reitman is still in the frame to direct the film, despite the negative pitching coming from Aykroyd.

Ivan Reitman directed Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II and with other films under his belt like Legal Eagles, Twins, Dave, Junior, Evolution and My Super Ex-Girlfriend, he seems the perfect choice to make the film, but as a Producer he is exceedingly busy.

Previously we heard Dan Aykroyd saying that it wasn't looking good for Reitman directing Ghostbusters III considering his other commitments, but speaking to MTV Ivan Reitman himself reveals that he's not off the idea.

“I’ve never ruled [directing it] out...I certainly was responsible in every capacity for the first two movies so I certainly wouldn’t wander away from the third one—especially if it’s something we all think is worth doing.”

I have to admit I'm really surprised about that comment because it suggests that there's a lot still up in the air, and that's something that Reitman backs up with his comments.

“The script is going to be turned in a month or so and we’ll see...All the casting and directing speculation is really just speculation”

Well there you go, but we do like to speculate, especially because these are films we love and want to see, so the speculation will continue, but just bear in mind when you're reading stories that that's just exactly what it is.

He does reveal a little about the script though, and what was in the treatment that Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg brought to them that convinced them these were the guys to write the film.

He reveals that the treatment did have a new group of Ghostbusters and a couple of female members that allowed Peter Venkman to flirt with. However he's very clear that the script could be very different.

The main crux of his comments are that the script is not complete, and that they haven't read it, and until the script is in their hands and read, they won't know who is directing, nor who will be picked up to star.

Speculation for now, but don't count out Reitman just yet. Personally I think he has to be on board as director.



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