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Writer talks Green Lantern film

GreenLantern.jpgThe Green Lantern has been one of those films, which produces more speculation than news. Marc Guggenheim is writing the script for the film version, and he talked about what's happening.

He covers where the script is, casting rumours and the fact they are creating a new Green Lantern.

Martin Campbell is directing the film version of The Green Lantern, with Marc Guggenheim writing the script. I haven't read any Green Lantern comic books, but I believe there are a few of them, who all protect various parts of the universe from the big bad. Their power coming from a magically charged ring.

Guggenheim says he is still hard at work on the script, getting it to a stage where it can go into production.

It’s basically the exercise of changing the movie from being just a script that people are reading to being a script that people will actually shoot, perform and produce.

That process has been ongoing for a while, but at least we know they aren't rushing it. Casting rumours are never far away on a film like this either. Guggenheim says no one has been picked yet, and perhaps cryptically, asks people not to worry when it is announced.

It’s always particularly funny when there’s a rumor that goes around and I’m like, ‘I know that can’t be true because that actor’s schedule doesn’t permit them to do the movie in our time frame,’ or any number of other things. But I’m a very big believer that in acting, people can surprise you. People you didn’t necessarily think were the right choice on paper can be the absolute right choice.

Guggenheim was talking to MTV, through Jo Blo. Hopefully an announcement won't be far away, and Green Lantern fans will not be disappointed. When it comes to which Green Lanterns we will see in the film he is a bit sketchy too. However he does drop the news that they are creating a new one from scratch.

One of our rules has been: ‘Don’t create a new Lantern when a pre-existing one from the comic books would work just as well.’ There’s only one Lantern who we’ve decided to completely create from scratch, but there’s a very specific reason why we’ve made that decision.

That sounds interesting, I wonder what the reason is. Do you Green Lantern fans like the idea of a brand new one being created? Who do you think should play Earth's Green Lantern, or any of the rest?



Green Lantern is pretty cool and it is a great space and cosmos type story. So I wouldn't expect it to be all on Earth but plenty of story happening in outer space.

I would expect the Guardians to be in the film, of course Hal Jordan, Abin Sur and then anyone after that doesn't matter. There have been so many lanterns from otherplantes the masses will never know who they are.

And as for a villian, there really shouldn't be any questions. It should be Sinestro. Can be dark as Sinestro's power ring is fueled by fear.

Have to say I'm much more interested in it than I was before I wrote that story. You're right though, other than the two you mentioned I probably couldn't pick them out of a line up.

Sinestro looks fairly sinister. An actor came to mind when I looked at a drawing of him, can't for the life of me remember his name though...


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