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1 Day, British hip-hop musical trailer online

1Day.jpgA British hip-hop musical isn't exactly the kind of trailer I imagined I would be watching today when I clicked on 1 Day, but that's exactly what it is, and what's more is that it's set in Birmingham and filmed entirely with non-actors and using local musical talent.

Written and directed by Penny Woolcock it tells the story of a hustler called Flash whose day is about to get worse and worse. It begins when he is forced to repay a debt, and while he tries to do so the world starts piling more and more on him.

The tag line for the film from the very sparse official website says:

"2 Crews, 1 City, 24 Hours"

So there's little more I can tell you about 1 Day at the moment, but there's sure to be more information coming out soon, I'm hopeful that we'll actually get to see some of the acting and musical numbers to see how good, and how raw, this is going to be.

Here's the trailer:

You can also get some more information, including photos and videos, from the Facebook group for the film.

I presume this will immediately appeal to the UK film fans, but I wonder if the trailer and the concept is capturing your attention? Speak out and let us know that there is a desire for more British films like this showcasing undiscovered talent.



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