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£45 zombie film released in UK

Colin.jpgA British film made for a budget less than that set aside for a lead star's drink daily budget is set to be released in British cinemas after being picked up for distribution. Even the writer/producer/director is surprised.

The film is a zombie horror film, recording the change of a man called Colin who is bitten and slowly turns.

The man who wrote, produced (including securing the extensive budget) and directed the film, Marc Price, is a thirty year old who spent his days working for a courier company in London and editing the film in his spare time.

The film follows Colin, a man who is bitten by a zombie, dies and returns as a zombie himself. According to the story in The Guardian the film delivers an insight into his life before becoming a zombie and what happens to him as he's bitten, changes, and becomes one of the undead.

"The whole thing is just insane, If you'd told me the film was going to get released in the cinema when we first started on the project I just wouldn't have believed it. I really thought it was a joke when I was told… It just goes to show you don't need thousands and thousands of pounds to make a film."

It certainly does, although as yet we're not sure how many cinemas this is going to be shown in apart from hearing that it will be released in London and major cities. If you can't wait for that release schedule you'll be able to see it at Frightfest next month.

Oh, the name of the film? Colin. Cracking title, well done Mr Price, now has anyone seen it to tell us all how good it is?

What surprises me particularly is that figure of £45, very surprising when you consider the cast list for the film which has a stream of people involved. The first thought would be that this is a camcorder following one character and keeping it very personal, however the cast list suggests something a lot bigger.



I wonder how many hurdles i'll have to jump through to procure myself a copy here stateside?

VERY interested in indie zombie flicks, much more than the big budget waste that the big boys are doing these days.

Well we shall see what the deal is for getting copies. I'm sure I could always ship you over one if copies can be bought!


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