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9 International trailer online

9.jpgThere's a new trailer online for 9, the unique animated tale that features nine rag doll creatures brought to life after the end of humanity. The film comes from Shane Acker and carries with it a glowing cast, almost as glowing as this story rich trailer for the film.

I really like this version of the trailer, it gets across the story much better than the previous and quickly warms you to some of the characters, as well as warns you about the dangerous ones. The new trailer looks fantastic.

The group of nine dolls comprise of 1, a war veteran voiced by Christopher Plummer, 2, an old inventor played by Martin Landau, 5, a mechanic played by John C. Reilly, 6, an artist and visionary played by Crispin Glover, and 7, a warrior played by Jennifer Connelly. 9 is played by Elijah Wood. Each is given a small essence of their inventor, and together they must carry the last remains of humanity with them through a devastated Earth.

It's not just these nine rag dolls who have survived though, there's something else out there too, and it's coming for them.

Here's the new trailer for you to watch, I think it's the best trailer yet, and now we just have to wait for a September release of 9, however although America, Europe and Argentina will be getting to see it, so far there's no release for the UK planned.

That is a shame, especially when you see the trailer for 9.



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