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A Christmas Carol Italian trailer online

AChristmasCarol.jpgThe trailer for Robert Zemeckis' A Christmas Carol is online, and it's a bootlegged Italian version, so if you don't speak Italian then you won't get the audio, and because it's bootlegged it's not beginning to show off the quality of the motion capture that's being used, but it's an idea of the film for you.

I must say I'm disappointed, mainly because some of the shots are so blatantly taking advantage of 3D by throwing things at the camera, and that there's not much different to the story we've seen so many times before.

Then there's the fact that Jim Carrey is playing the lead, and I am a little tired of seeing him, but that's a personal thing where I would rather see him do some more dramatic roles after seeing a couple and being very surprised at how good he is when he plays it straight and tempers his performance.

However, A Christmas Carol might appeal to you, along with the 3D gimmick. You could always watch it alongside G-Force.

I think if anything would draw me to this film it's the supporting cast. Gary Oldman, Cary Elwes, Colin Firth, Bob Hoskins and Robin Wright Penn (sigh).

Here's the trailer which I caught through Coming Soon:



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