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Aaron Sorkin rewriting Moneyball

Aaronsorkin.jpgMoneyball has turned into a bit of a nightmare for the studio involved. Script troubles led to Steven Soderbergh leaving the project. And Brad Pitt's involvement looked doubtful.

Now the studio have turned to one of the best writers around today. Aaron Sorkin is trying his hand at producing a script.

Moneyball started out with Brad Pitt starring and Steven Soderbergh directing. It is based on the book, Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game. Pitt would be playing Billy Beane, a former baseball player turned manager. What he lacked in money, he made up for by using computer statistics to choose his team.

Things started to go wrong though, when Soderbergh made some changes to Steve Zaillian's script. It took the film away from the kind of product the studio wanted. They pulled the plug days before filming was due to begin. And they gave Soderbergh time to find another studio who would make his version. He had no such luck though, and has since left the project altogether. The studio are still trying to get it made though, but with a script that they like and Brad Pitt still starring.

Now The Hollywood Reporter, through Jo Blo, say that Aaron Sorkin has been tasked with rewriting the script. He will start from Steve Zaillian's one rather than Soderbergh's version. And they still seem to have Brad Pitt onboard.

Looks like there is still a chance Moneyball might make it.



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