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Aberdeen Film Festival goes live

AberdeenFilmFestival.jpgThe first ever Aberdeen City & Shire Film Festival is set to happen this year and with a great Aberdonian film opening the festival, One Day Removals (Filmstalker review).

The festival is running from Friday 24th of July through to Saturday the 1st of August and will also feature a touring outdoor screen visiting various places around Aberdeen. The focus is on local film, but there are bigger films playing here too, from One Day Removals to Star Trek (Filmstalker review)?.

Actually the first film showing for the Festival is on their “Screen Machine” which is touring the North East starting in Peterhead. They're showing Coraline and then Star Trek weather permitting I imagine. Actually I can see them showing them regardless and people turning up in droves, this is the North East of Scotland after all, we're a hardy bunch!

One Day Removals opens the festival proper at 20:30 in Aberdeen and is followed by a launch event, which I'm sure will include a few drinks considering the locale, and will also give us all a chance to hopefully chat with the producers and quite possibly the director too, a man who oft frequents Filmstalker.

This isn't just a typical Film Festival though, it's going to take advantage of the beauty of the region with Local Hero playing at Banff Castle and a day of events preceding it with local directors showcasing their films and a talk from a director, cinematographer and editor.

There are also some live interactive events where you can bring your own equipment and material, and utilise some of the audio and visual equipment provided to make your own films live. In fact there are quite a few unique events for film-makers of all ranges to get involved in and get advice and help, there are quite a few specific workshops with limited places to offer an introduction and assistance in everything from writing to editing.

Other films being shown include The Queen, Bellany - A Life, Death & Resurrection, The Clan, The Ticking Man, and something I'm particularly keen on seeing, The Men of Piper Alpha.

The festival will close with a film from a Peterhead born director, Cass (Filmstalker review), another cracking example of local talent making it big.

You can see the full programme of events right here on their official site which includes the list of the locations and films for the Screen Machine tour which will be hitting, or you can download the PDF programme.

Quick thanks to Stirton Productions for letting me know about it, and I hope to be able to make their opening night screening, although the cost of trains is insane, even from Edinburgh!

If you're interested in film and are around Aberdeen I'd recommend making some of these events they look good and the festival really is trying to cement the theme of local talent and film-making.



Hope you can make it. Hope I do as well, unlike the Glasgow festival I'll keep oot o the bar. Maybe.


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