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Alice in Wonderland trailer online in HD

MadHatter.jpgI managed to hold onto the Alice in Wonderland footage since it was leaked, but now there's no need as the trailer is released in high definition for all to see, and I have to say there's not much more improvement.

It looks more detailed and the colours brighter, but I still see the standard Tim Burton-esque styling and plenty of things flying at the camera in order to justify the 3D filming, and there's nothing here that really excites me, even seeing the original characters brought to life.

Personally I'd prefer something a little more revealing, perhaps showcasing a side to the film that we wouldn't expect from knowing the story, something that would make us think that this is going to be amazing.

However there's something to Alice in Wonderland that just doesn't dazzle, and I can't quite put my finger on it. Can you?

You can see the high definition trailer over at Yahoo Movies [Flash:480p:720p:1080p]. Anything new worth seeing that you've noticed?



To focus on Depp misses the point of the story entirely. urton should get over his fascination.

Oh, and once again it looks to be 'dark' reimagining. Yawn. I'll stick with the Disney cartoon thanks.

I quite liked the trailer but most of the cgi and special effects didn't work for me looking too unrealistic. The cats looked good but the white rabbit and tweedle dum and tweedle dee didn't. Jonny Depps character looks quite scary too!

I'll watch it when it comes out but not getting too excited by it to be honest.

nice....beautiful movie

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I really like the trailer, makes me want to see more. I agree with you Gaz, although this is a different story to the Alice in Wonderland that we know from Disney's previous version, so who knows.


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