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American Shaun of the Dead

ShaunoftheDead.jpgGatekeeper is a new zombie film heading our way, and this one's being pitched as an American version of Shaun of the Dead, that in itself is quite horrifying, and then I saw the cast list.

It's going to star some great names from the past as well as Hellboy and the Brain from the excellent Brick (Filmstalker review).

Gatekeeper is written by Isaac Meisenheimer and he's going to get his chance to make his first feature on the film too. It tells the story of how a simple mistake leaves three friends alone to defend their town from a zombie outbreak.

I'd love to know what the simple mistake was – were they left alone by accident or is the mistake referring to the fact that the zombies were created in the first place?

Producer Stephen Emery has revealed through Variety that there's going to be some comparisons made of this film:

“We intend to make a film in the vein of 'Shaun of the Dead' for American audiences”

That quote has the fear of the dead in me, although I think that the “vein” does mean rather loosely and not a remake – fans can breath a sigh of relief, or at least for now they can.

There's not much else given about the film except for some cast names which are rather interesting. First up is the announcement of Matthew O'Leary, Jana Kramer and the excellent Ron Perlman who I am loving so much in Sons of Anarchy.

Except it doesn't end there, there's two names that really caught my eye and surprised me, Lea Thompson and Judge Reinhold! Thompson you should remember from Back to the Future, Howard the Duck, Some Kind of Wonderful, Space Camp and Red Dawn, while Reinhold will be screaming Stripes, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Ruthless People and Beverly Hills Cop.

That has me excited over anything else announced about the film, although the rest of the cast and the interesting comparison to Shaun of the Dead has me too. I wonder how close they really mean it's going to be?



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