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Another Bridget Jones, Boat that Rocked cut

BridgetJones.jpgI'm a bit lost by this one, but there appears to be another Bridget Jones film being developed, and we'll no doubt see Renée Zellweger gain some weight to play the role of a woman looking for love, failing, and falling into the arms of the usual suspects. That about right?

Meanwhile it seems that Working Title is cutting back a little, both on their staff and the American release of The Boat that Rocked which didn't do well at all in the UK.

Although the Universal and Working Title productions aren't being harmed, Working Title have been cutting back on their staff budget in the UK and announced a few cuts with six of its staff going. While Variety suggests that this is a problem and they're hitting a bumpy patch, in the real world I would call that natural movement of staff, that's nothing near a problematic sign, not these days.

Anyway it goes on to say that The Boat that Rocked only gained US $9.1 million in the UK box office, something I find surprising, how many people take dollars to the box office in the UK? Yet the film cost over US $50 million to make.

So that means Universal and Working Title are sitting down and re-cutting the film for the American release which is now in November instead of August, trying to make it leaner and snappier.

Meanwhile there are plans afoot for another Bridget Jones film, something I find quite strange, but perhaps they are turning to money earners to get some cash flow coming back into the deal.

The word is that Renée Zellweger will return, but it won't be hitting production until next year as it's just in the early stages. Probably just seeing what we really think of the idea first.

However don't take this all as Working Title are in hard times, for they've just started up a film with Cate Blanchett in the lead which will see her play Lady Edwina Mountbatten. Indian Summer will show the last days of colonial rule in India during 1947 and is adapted from the Alex von Tunzelmann novel (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com), so they are still planning to take chances and make more British and ore diverse films. Good on them.

Update: A quick update from The Guardian tells us that Bridget Jones is going to be trying to get herself a baby in this film. She still won't be able to choose between the two men in her life, Darcy and Cleaver played by Colin Firth and Hugh Grant. So the love triangle moves on, probably deciding which one should impregnate her for the child.



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