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Aronofsky's Robocop looking doubtful

RoboCop.jpgIt would seem that Darren Aronofsky may not be directing RoboCop after all. Speculation and rumour is rising that he is almost ready to move ahead with his passion project called Black Swan, and that would push out his involvement on RoboCop.

While immediate moves on Black Swan might allow him to leap straight into RoboCop, the chances are there will be delays and he might want some time, and that means the RoboCop release date being moved, something MGM don't want to do.

With that the inside word is that other directors are being approached in case the delays do come and Darren Aronofsky can't get the time to direct RoboCop after his Black Swan completes.

MGM have RoboCop slated for a 2011 release, something they really want to stick to, and if they do then that means production can be held off until 2010, fitting in nicely with the end of Black Swan, should it start soon and finish on time.

Both of those are doubtful considering that the film is still looking for final financing, although Risky Business Blog through Get The Big Picture who have the story say that it looks like it should be in place soon.

Interestingly the site also reveal that a production company, Phoenix Pictures, is involved in both Black Swan and RoboCop, and that could be an additional concern for MGM and their release.

So all is not looking well, and while it's complete rumour, the article suggests that MGM are already quietly approaching other directors to be ready should Aronofsky not be.

I honestly don't see the benefit in sticking so rigidly to the release date, and if Aronosky is so keen to do a RoboCop remake for the right reasons then I would delay the film for him, otherwise we could be in danger of grabbing any director to fit a release date and find that the film earns a fraction of what it could have.



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