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Avatar Comic-Con panel footage online

Avatar.jpgWant to hear James Cameron, Sigourney Weaver, Stephen Lang, Zoe Saldana and Sam Worthington (although he's only on video) talking about the new Avatar film, then this is the footage to see.

The Comic-Con panel footage isn't the whole event, but it does introduce some of the main actors in the film and we get to see Stephen Lang in character for his introduction.

Unfortunately it seems we've just missed the opening footage, and it's a shame that the members of the cast are reading from a script, but it's still a nice taster for all those of us who aren't over there at the convention.

Why doesn't anyone start a decent event over here in Scotland? Now there's an idea.

Anyway the footage we didn't see was some twenty-four minutes of clips through six separate scenes. There was footage of the Na'vi, the creatures of the film, and extensive shots of their planet giving us the look and feel of the film.

The simple plot round up for Avatar, which you can get through the footage, is that humans are desperate to get their hands on a precious resource on the Na'vi planet, but they are not keen to give up their world to an industrialised humankind. So there's obviously a faction of war and a faction of peace. You can read and see more about it on the official Avatar site.

The great news is that there's going to be a fifteen minute feature shown on IMAX cinemas around the world for free on August 21st, so make sure you find out where that is and head straight there.

If you want to read more detailed write-ups about the footage that was shown then you can try Empire or AICN who have very differing styles that should suit most people.

There seems to be an even lie of discussion about the film. Some say that it's amazing and the best thing ever, the next huge leap in film-making, others say it's not that photo-realistic and still looks like CGI although really good CGI, and the more pragmatic are warning caution. If we set our expectations too high on the hype and buzzwords being thrown around we'll walk in expecting to see the leap that colour was to black and white, and this isn't. A change or step up yes, the next big thing? Who's to really say until other films start successfully using it.



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