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Barker's Book of Blood red band trailer online

BookofBlood.jpgClive Barker's Book of Blood has had a new trailer released online, a red band trailer. While the original trailer release was somewhat close to a red band it wasn't, and to be perfectly frank neither is this.

When I think of Clive Barker, one of his books with the world “blood” in it, and a horror film, I expect horror, so when I hear there's a red band trailer I expect gore, blood and horror galore. Not so in this seemingly PG13 trailer.

Have a look and see what you think.

Clive Barker's Book of Blood has been around for some time, and is adapted and directed by John Harrison.

The story follows a paranormal expert who discovers that a house they've been investigating contains much more than the haunting from a single gruesome killing. It's actually an intersection for the afterlife where various highways cross for transporting souls to the afterlife, and when they call in a special psychic, he becomes connected to the dead in some very strange ways.



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