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Batman 3 filming next year?

TheDarkKnight.jpgGary Oldman has revealed at his Comic-Con appearance for The Book of Eli that the sequel to The Dark Knight is filming next year.

He does say that we all have to keep it quiet and not reveal that he's said anything, but considering it's all across the Internet already I doubt that's going to happen.

According to the stories hitting the Internet, Gary Oldman was asked a quick fire question at the Comic-Con panel for The Book of Eli about Batman 3. Asked when it was filming he just responded saying that it would be next year, and that the film would be out in the year after.

That's all there was from the AP story through Yahoo News, but it flies in the face of the official word from the man whom we all hope will be directing the film, Christopher Nolan. He's always said that he's not sure if he's even doing the third, one might now assume that he is and that the script is going ahead.

I don't really think this should be treated as too much of a surprise should it? Really, are you surprised that the team are returning for a third? I'm not.

The real questions will be who is going to be the villain? We know it won't be Joker, so are they thinking of Riddler? I would definitely finish off the trilogy with him, the latest Batman comic story that saw him meeting a potentially terrible fate, or a story line that takes him back to the first film. What do you think?



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