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Baywatch film gains writer/director

Baywatch.jpgIt seems unbelievable to me that so many television shows are making it through to the big screen, especially when they seem to go through years of "in development", The A-Team, The Equalizer, CHiPs, Magnum, and so on. Even Baywatch has been talked about since 2006 when it was rumoured that Jessica Simpson was to lead and in 2007 when Keeley Hazell was rumoured to star.

Well now there are some real concrete details, not fake ones. DreamWorks spent a lot of money buying the rights to the film property and then setting two scriptwriters on it. Now they have a new writer and a new director, all rolled into one.

Jeremy Garelick is the man set to rewrite the script from the script that Jay Scherick and David Ronn wrote for DreamWorks who have had the property from way back in 2005 - do you know they spent seven figures worth of money for that?

The first script was apparently much more action orientated, whereas Garelick's version is set to be much more comedy based, and talking through Variety he reveals the way it's going to go.

"It felt like the template to do a movie that was similar to 'Stripes' and 'Police Academy,' the comedies I loved growing up…"

Instead of rewriting the script, as he was tasked to do, he wrote the first thirty seven pages of his own version and he was given the job. Not just that but he's set to direct the film too, his first directorial outing.

However it's not his first writing gig, he's had a couple, and most notably he did a rewrite of The Hangover which he wasn't credited for, but obviously did sterling work on, and The Break Up.

It's a fair gamble for him, but then DreamWorks have been sitting with this property for sometime and the red Baywatch suits have faded a great deal in the past years, if they don't get on with it we might find that the audience has totally forgotten about it and there's next to no ready made audience for the film.

Saying that though we all know the name, I wonder if you still think there's a desire for a Baywatch film, even a comedy, and despite the long wait for it to arrive. Of course there's also the very real question of if the film has anything positive to deliver at all.



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