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Beckinsale wins Barbarella libel case

KateBeckinsale.jpgI remember seeing the story that claimed Kate Beckinsale was dropped from the Barbarella film and deciding to rake a little deeper, and as I did I found that the newspaper behind the claim had taken upon itself to interpret one of its previous rumour stories as fact, and the false claim was made.

Well Kate Beckinsale didn't appreciate that, mainly because it was claiming she had been dropped from a film that she was never involved with, and that had put a black mark on her career, a false black mark.

So she sued, and you can understand why. Imagine if a story was circulating that you had gone for a job, that they liked you, you were lined up for it, and then they decided to drop you for someone else because you weren't good enough. Now that's going to harm your career somewhat, especially if you never even went for the job in the first place.

Well Beckinsale and her lawyers took them to court and won, and according to the BBC she's just walked away with some GBP £20,000 in libel damages from The Daily Express.

The simple story was this, The Daily Express used the old "inside source" to say that Kate Beckinsale was being considered for the role of Barbarella, then a while later they had another "inside source" to say that Rose McGowan was back on the film and that Kate Beckinsale had been dropped.

“Kate Beckinsale is facing heartbreak after it emerged she is set to miss out on her dream role as sexy heroine Barbarella. The 35-year-old had been the front-runner to land the cult part”

What's worse is that the insider source was used to say that she was a certainty for the role and the article went onto hammer her and what they called her failing career.

Hey presto, libel case and she won. No surprises there. You can read the article back in June where I looked into the story a little more and discovered the fact based on rumour stories that the Daily Mail was using and was being quoted around the internet.

Now bear in mind that The Daily Mail is a newspaper that also publishes online, it's not an internet site so you can't go and blame that on people like me. However what is sad is that so many sites carried that second story without clicking through to the first and reading the comments, if they had they would have discovered the fact based on self made rumour story.

The amusing part of the story is that Beckinsale has just got tons of publicity out of this and that she's better off not associated with the Barbarella film anyway. Win win.



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