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Bekmambetov talks Wanted 2 with Jolie

Wanted_Banned_Poster.jpgOkay I won't spoil the first film if you haven't seen it as yet, but Timur Bekmambetov has been talking about Wanted 2 at Comic-Con and he's revealed something important about Angelina Jolie's character Fox in the second film, and yes she is reappearing it would seem.

He also said that they are working hard to get the filming ready to go in a few months, and that is quick. Does that mean they'll be able to secure Jolie for the role?

Now the spoilers are coming, so if you haven't seen the first Wanted (Filmstalker review) film then I would advise reading no further. Just be aware that there are big spoilers to come.

If you're not continuing, go and read the spoiler free review and be safe in the knowledge that the cast look like they are returning for the sequel.

Now, for you lot who aren't scared to see what's happening or have seen the first film, here's the news from SciFi Wire through Atomic Popcorn. Speaking at Comic-Con Timur Bekmambetov addressed how the character of Fox is going to return for the sequel, after he said that the film was coming:

”Yes, I think it's coming...We're working hard to be ready to shoot in a few months”

Okay, I've teased it out enough.

”James McAvoy will be in the movie, and he will try to wake up our Fox...She's in a bath with wax.”

Now if you're at all confused, at the end of the first film she was shot in the head by Wesley, and that usually means death, but you'll remember that those wax baths were special healers for the assassins, we just never realised they raised you from the dead.

Previously we heard the rumour that the film would continue on from the first with Wesley teaming up with Pekwarsky and hunting down other groups who have been misusing the loom of fate. In the process we would have flashbacks to see how Fox was recruited and the group created. That story was back in July of 2008.

Not so now though. Looks like it's changing and they're going to magically revive Fox, probably to join him and do his good work alongside him.

What do you think? Sounds a little twee, or would you rather she was brought back at all costs?



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