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Big Fan trailer online

BigFan.jpgI hadn't heard much about Big Fan until I saw this trailer, in fact I hadn't heard anything about it. Then this morning I watched the trailer and realised that this has a huge potential to be something very strong.

Some are comparing it to the classic Taxi Driver, something I can't really comment on other than the trailer, but that feel begins to come through and you get the idea that something rather dark is going to be happening.

Big Fan garnered a lot of praise at the Sundance Film Festival this year and from some people and sites that I respect, so I'm keen to see it myself.

The film tells the story of a devoted American Football fan is beaten badly by his favourite player, a player he's been a devoted follower of. Afterwards he struggles to deal with the impact it has on his own life and relationships.

Big Fan stars Patton Oswalt in what looks like a blistering performance, and one to really touch a nerve. It also stars Kevin Corrigan, Marcia Jean Kurtz and Michael Rapaport.

The film is to get a U.S. release on August 28th, although I believe it's a limited one. Right now there's no idea where else it will be seen. Hopefully in the UK at least. Here's the trailer through Collider.



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