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Blade spin-off for Deacon Frost

DeaconFrost.jpgWhat was great about the Blade films, think hard now and tell me honestly, the top three things. For me it was Blade, Whistler and the idea of the vampires and their council. Sure the other characters like Deacon Frost, Quinn, Dragonetti and Racquel were all cool, but good enough for their own film?

That's what seems to be happening as news has arrived that there will be a film for Deacon Frost and that both the original star Stephen Dorff and the original director Stephen Norrington are set to return, but no Blade.

While I did like the vampire mythology and the idea behind their existence, what really did make it for me was Blade, and he was undoubtedly the main draw, so can a film just about Deacon Frost and his rise through the vampire hierarchy really work? Will it not just be another vampire film?

Stephen Dorff was talking to The Sunday Mail, through Mania and SockTillYouDrop, that the film is going to happen.

”It will be a prequel to the Blade movies, Deacon's story. It's a new trilogy the director has created. It will cool.

We hope to shoot the first film next year. Frost is a character I have never been able to shake.”

What's interesting is that the Mania story gains confirmation from Stephen Norrington but he says that the film is...

”...not exactly how the article describes it but close.”

Now what exactly does that mean? I'm confused a little since the article tells us that it's going to be a prequel trilogy based on Deacon Frost.

Well we could guess that perhaps the trilogy is going to be more about the whole vampire mythology with Frost being a core story rather than the entire focus, and that might be a little better.

However Norrington does reveal that the film has to tie up with the Blade story, so perhaps at some point that needs a nice tie in for the start of the Blade trilogy. Maybe Frost will be the one to turn Blade's mother, or perhaps we'll see a younger Blade, starting out on his vampire killing career take some of Frost's loved ones. Who knows as yet.

I don't really know if I'm totally excited about this as yet. I do feel that the best part of all this is that Stephen Norrington is back on board and will direct, at least we'll get the style and excitement of that first Blade film...just without Blade.



I always thought that Decon was the one who changed Blades mother in the first place, after all Blade discovered she was living with him towards the end of the first film and they did seem really close. He might have come back for her after she 'died' in the hospital.

I loved Stephen Dorff's character but isn't it a bit late to do prequels since he doesn't look anything like the original character any more.It's hard for someone growing old to retain that immortal vampire look years down the line. It's 10 years since the first one isn't it? I guess it will be up to the magic of cinema to make that happen.

It would be good to find out how he got to be where he was in the beginning of Blade but other than being obviously annoyed about references to him being 'made' rather than 'born' he didn't seem to have much of an interesting character.

Will we be able to connect with a character who we know ends up loving killing, hating humans and is not very likable?

You know you might be right, I had a flash back when you mentioned that, I think there is a scene where he talks about turning his Mum, he definitely talks about the woman he's met but there's something nagging at me telling me you're right, that is in the original film.

It's a cracking point about the age too, although Dorff is one of these people that doesn't age too much, compared to his fresh faced character in Blade he certainly has.


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