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British 3D horror Elfie and the Gammons teaser online

JamieWinstone.jpgNo sooner had we talked about the new British horror film that is set to go 3D and stars Jamie Winstone entitled Elfie and the Gammons, than the teaser arrives online, and it's rather interesting right from the opening scene.

The film is set to follow a teenage private eye, a bit of misfit in her town, who tends to end up annoying the locals rather than anything else, until a new family move in called the Gammons. Despite bring rather charismatic and likeable, there's something rather nasty about them.

Jamie Winstone is set to play the lead of Elfie Hopkins and you can see her in action right here. Chatting, watching, smoking, and above all slapping a double barrel into action as she sees a poor woman start to be sliced up.

Yes you've already guessed that this is a little not safe for regular watching, although it's stylishly done rather than gorily and the camera does cut away quite quickly.

Here's the teaser through Quiet Earth and /Film.

I don't know what you think, yet, but that's a cool teaser and nothing flying towards the screen unnecessarily.



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