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Brothers trailer online

Brothers_Poster.jpgThe remake of Susanna Bier's Brødre (Brothers) by Jim Sheridan also called Brothers has released a trailer on the internet, and it definitely seems to be sticking close to the original story.

Brødre starred Ulrich Thomsen, whom I really do like as an actor, Connie Nelson and Nikolaj Lie Kaas, and it really is a powerful, thoughtful and provocative film with Thomsen giving a great performance.

This mainstream English language version Brothers comes from Jim Sheridan and stars a heavyweight trio with Natalie Portman, Jake Gyllenhaal and Tobey Maguire as the wife and the two brothers of the story. Interestingly Tobey Maguire is playing the Ulrich Thomsen role, the better performance and the wider range of character to play, I would have thought that would have been Jake Gyllenhaal.

However Maguire it is, and actually it looks like he's going to be playing this all out to forget Spider-Man, and I think he'll have done it.

The original story, which I think the remake is going to follow very closely, begins with Nikolaj Lie Kaas' character coming out of prison and trying to get back involved with his family. His father is somewhat dismissive, believing that he has wasted his life, but his brother is close and supportive.

His brother, played by Thomsen, heads off to Afghanistan for another tour, leaving his wife, played by Connie Nelson, and children behind and asking his brother to look after them while he's gone. He does, and he begins to integrate in real life for a while.

Then the news comes that his brother's helicopter was shot down and he's missing in action, presumed dead. The surviving brother feels a strong calling to look after his brother's widow and family and does just that, except they become closer and closer and begin to form an emotional and physical relationship.

It's then that we begin to find out that the brother is still alive, captive deep inside Afghanistan and being tortured by the enemy.

I really liked the story and enjoyed the way it played out, particularly the concentration on relationship building and the subtlety of some of the story.

What does strike me about the trailer here though is that it appears to be a little heavier handed, spelling things out just a little more than expected, and perhaps too much. However it's certainly a good line up and looks strong from the trailer, even if it doesn't seem to have changed that much from the original.

The trailer comes through The Playlist.



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