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Burton's Alice in Wonderland trailer due

MadHatter.jpgThe trailer for the Tim Burton and Disney version of Alice in Wonderland is due out on Thursday 23rd July at 16:00 PDT apparently, but before we get it leaked on the internet soon afterwards there's only one way to see it.

In a clever piece of marketing the PR company behind it have created three Facebook fan pages for the site, one for the Mad Hatter, one for the Red Queen and one for the White Queen, and whoever wins the vote gets the trailer.

How do you vote? Well you become a fan of the relevant page, and if your page wins then you get to see the trailer. Of course there's nothing stopping you signing up as a fan for all three pages (I have) and I do think this is something that the PR company have already thought of, even better for them to get all three pages signed up to by all the fans.

Mind you I'll probably leave right after, but it's a good marketing piece and also a great way to gauge interest in the film.

Coming Soon tell us the details and the three Facebook pages are listed right here:

The Red Queen, The White Queen, and the The Mad Hatter.

Already it's clear that the Mad Hatter will win, but does it really matter? Just sign up for all three and get the Alice in Wonderland trailer from whichever wins.



I dunno. It look pretty good to me. I've seen so many adaptations.

I really liked the creepy Eastern European version. I forgot who did that one.

I always thought Tim Burton should do this movie. It suits him well.

I saw this as a kid, cant wait to see it with my kids...!!!!

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