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Campbell for Scream 4?

NeveCampbell.jpgWell it is amazing what talk of money can do, for the word from Neve Campbell before was that she just wasn't interested in doing another Scream film, and yet today the news couldn't be more different.

Apparently she was caught at the première of Inglourious Basterds and said revealed that she's a lot more positive than we, and she, previously believed.

There's still no word on if the Weinstein's will persuade Wes Craven to come back to the film, but I imagine if the script is good and the old cast return, then there's a stronger possibility.

However that was always looking doubtful as Neve Campbell always said she was done with the role and the franchise. Not so now according to reports of her comments at the film première she attended.

MoviesOnline have the second hand comment through someone who was standing near her when she said it, and apparently she was very clear that she's in talks for the role and might be able to work something out.

What's interesting about the wording is that the source said “still” in talks, so the talks have been ongoing for some time.

Michael over there speculates that this is to do with wanting more money, something I could believe, because if you say you're not returning to a role no matter what then there's obviously no desire to do it for your career or an artistic challenge, but from a financial one there would always be, as long as the film didn't totally stink. Mind you, even then bills still need paid.

So we already know that David Arquette and Courteney Cox Arquette are back on board, with Neve Campbell in discussions the cast is pushing closer and closer to something that might entice Wes Craven back too, let's hope the Kevin Williamson written script is strong enough to do that.



I always found scream to be nice stupid fun. I'm sure they can do another one, my only concern is where will the story go?

didn't they resort to making a parody of the franchise itself with scream 3's "stab: the motion picture" where they were on the set? What's next for that? Is someone doing a "true hollywood story" on the happenings on the set of stab and stumble on a killer doing ... oh hell that's stupid. i'm not even going to finish the sentence.

Scream 4. here we go! better or worse. All i care about is having a nice mystery to pick. all 3 had solutions you could work out if you paid close attention.

Well the whole story is to hand over to the next set of Scream actors, younger, hipper, and probably a bit more funny. So the story has to fit in with finding a new victim and making them the focus of the next three films.

There's no way I can see that working without being contrived and forced.


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