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Captain Jack for Captain America?

JohnBarrowman.jpgJohn Barrowman, the man who plays Captain Jack in BBC's Torchwood, has put himself up for the role of Captain America at this year's Comic-Con, and the crowd went wild.

Of course we don't know how big the crowd is, but it doesn't really matter for the idea is now out there and we're talking about the possibility, but is it really much of a possibility?

Captain America should be played by a non-huge star, the idea of Brad Pitt taking the role just doesn't fit, I don't really see it working do you? So it has to be someone relatively unknown, or rather not instantly recognisable as the brand name of their acting profession or with the brand name of a character, and that fits well with John Barrowman doesn't it?

He certainly thought so when he talked at the Comic-Con Torchwood panel and said:

”You know what I want to play? Captain America...so won't happen.”

The quote comes through MTV and JoBlo but doesn't manage to convince me, he's not convinced on the idea, and why should he be? The chances of America accepting Barrowman as their Captain America are slim I think, and not just because of the obvious.

Yes, he is part Scottish, and I think that might be the problem. That and he's got dark hair, but that could be dyed.

Would he be accepted as Captain America? I'm not sure, I think some would struggle with it, especially since he's only known for Doctor Who, Torchwood, and musical singing. Did you know he was in The Untouchables?

That said he does have the strength and the cracking good looks for the role.

What do you think? Could John Barrowman play Captain America?



i knew this story sound familiar and it's something that was said last year.
You even posted the news last yr as well.


Cheers for that Chris.

Do you know that this is officially the 10,000th post?

Usually I remember if these things have come up before but I'm doing so much these days I'm forgetting and making the odd mistake (as you've seen!).

He's definitely self-promoting isn't he?

wow 10,000 i can remember reading the 1st post

Ha! I can remember writing it!! Glad you've stuck with me.

John Barrowman sadly will never be Captain America, simply because the studio will not have a gay actor play the part. Sad but true..

Yes, I was skirting around that in my comment, I think that would rule him out totally.


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