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Clooney, Jack Ryan and Tom Clancy

JackRyan.jpgI avoided all the hype about George Clooney wanting to take over the role of Jack Ryan, although I mentioned it on the Filmstalker Facebook Page, I looked at it as the usual piece of self marketing – a leaked from a source comment suggests that Clooney is being considered for the role of Jack Ryan in a restart of the franchise, and voilà everyone's talking about it and the name is then in the thoughts of the studio executives.

However a new angle has came out and it has me thinking too. This story is tied in with the rumour of Clooney as Ryan, but could that be unconnected to the Tom Clancy inspired script? Or could Clooney be being considered for a role in a script that isn't Jack Ryan but another Tom Clancy property?

We've heard for some time that other Tom Clancy were in development, probably the biggest one was Rainbow Six, at one time coming from director John Woo, a strong film that still has a very relevant script and has seen a range of successful video games spun off from it, all with strong plots themselves.

Then, while we're talking about video game adaptations, there's Splinter Cell, a series of games with another great plot that has a superb chance of being adapted well, and could well make it to the big screen in a strong franchise. Plus the lead features an older, rugged and disgruntled undercover operative.

There was also the talk of restarting the Jack Ryan franchise with something totally new, and that was to take the form of Without Remorse.

What's interesting about the latest rumour of Jack Ryan is that the Tom Clancy script being written is as yet, untitled.

Untitled, did you see that bit from the story on the Variety? There isn't a title, and really there's not a concrete idea what the script will be, it may not even be a Jack Ryan script.

Hossein Amini is writing the script, and according to the site George Clooney has been considered for a Jack Ryan role. However are the two necessarily connected? If the Ryan connection isn't one of those comments just made to try and get an actor noticed for a role, or just a made up rumour, could it be referring to the Ryan franchise which may not be this script?

Personally I would see Clooney more suited for the lead in Splinter Cell than anything else, a film that has been talked about before, although not the perfect choice in my mind. The new Jack Ryan franchise has always been touted as being restarted with a younger actor and not one that would limit them because of age of actor.

I don't believe that Jack Ryan should be played by Clooney, we need an Alec Baldwin equivalent from the film The Hunt for Red October, someone with a bit more youth, drive and passion behind the character.

What do you think? Is a Jack Ryan the right next Clooney film? For that matter who should they get to play Ryan these days, and if the film is Splinter Cell, who would suit the lead there - Kurt Russell is perhaps a little old I'm afraid.



The character you are thinking about from Rainbow Six is probably John Clark. He is a former Navy SEAL who leads and trains a new international terrorist response team. I think Clooney would be excellent in that role.

That's exactly the one, thanks Conibear. However I don't think he's the best character for Clooney, I see him as younger. In RB6 he's just beginning his work there, and in Clear and Present Danger we see him older and much wiser and still younger than Clooney.


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