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Closing Credits: Karl Malden

KarlMalden.jpgKarl Malden, aged ninety seven has died in his sleep, at home on Wednesday night.

Although he doesn't have a rolling list of credits to his name, his face and distinctive voice will make you remember him immediately, and if you were ever a fan of the television show The Streets of San Francisco, then you'll definitely remember him.

However there's much more to him than leading that television series for some one hundred and twenty episodes from 1972 to 1977.

One of his early roles was in A Streetcar Named Desire in 1951, for which he won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor, a role he played on Broadway before the film version.

Another Oscar came his way, although only in the nomination, for his role in On the Waterfront alongside Marlon Brando, whom Reuters have quoted as saying he was...

"...the most brilliant actor I've worked with."

Call me sentimental, but Pollyanna was a good fun family film and I do remember his role in that. His demeanour always seemed to be of a warm and accessible actor, and this definitely came through in his more family orientated films such as this one.

He also starred in big films such as Birdman of Alcatraz, How the West Was Won and Patton, but his last most memorable role was, for me anyway, in Meteor alongside Sean Connery.

Oh yes, without a doubt it's a cheesy film, but there's something I love about it, especially with the huge actors playing it like it was much bigger.

Karl Malden was an impressive and indeed an iconic actor and the thoughts of all of us at Filmstalker are with his family and friends.

Karl Malden



I think he was excellent in On the Waterfront. The other film I saw him in was Nuts alongside Barbra Streisand and Richard Dreyfuss.



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